Intentionally designed learner-centred experiences

You are the expert of your subject matter, an authority in your niche.
You have a passion for what you do and the knowledge and experience to back it up. 

You're ready to transform your students' lives with your signature course, but...

... when you sit down to start designing you don't know where to start
... you have so much knowledge to share, it's hard to know what to include
... you're feeling overwhelmed with trying to figure out all the things

You need a guided process

My signature approach to learning design helps you to skip the overwhelm and start creating with clarity. 

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Your Learning Design package includes:


- 120-min Initial Session

- Ideal Learner Profile

- 2 x 120-min Design Sessions

- 120-min Concluding Session

- Comprehensive Guide to your Signature Course Framework including: program goal and learning objectives, module by module breakdown, learner activities, development checklists, and more!

- UNLIMITED email support for 30 days after the conclusion of our project

- BONUS: 3 x 60-min accountability calls to help keep you on track during development

In your personal design session, we work together to visualize an ideal learner profile and then collaborate to create a blueprint that outlines all the important pieces of your learning experience. From goals to learning objectives to the exact right combination of different media, we ensure that your course has everything it needs to engage your learner and support them throughout their learning journey. After our design sessions, I'll give you a comprehensive guide to your Course Framework that includes all the details we've discussed as well as every step you need to take to bring your learning experience to life.

Your investment: $2500 which includes 3 BONUS 60-min Accountability Calls ($300 value) you can use anytime within 6 months of our collaboration. 

This package is for you if:

  • You're passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience with your audience
  • You're feeling overwhelmed with how to structure your course
  • You put your audience at the heart of everything you do and want to do the same for your students

This package is NOT for you if:

  • You haven't verified your topic or idea with your target audience
  • You're not interested in being involved in the creative process
  • You want to focus on the passive income, instead of your students
I feel so confident and clear about what my students will learn from the course. It was great to be guided through, to think through and to articulate exactly what I wanted the students to experience. Emily went absolutely ABOVE and BEYOND - I can’t wait to work with her again and suggest her to everybody I know.
— Reina Pomeroy, Reina + Co

Learn more about Reina's experience working with me: watch the video


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