Ep 005: Design in Mind: Practical Learning with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats

In today’s episode, I'm chatting with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats. She's going to share all about her amazing planning process for designing her course: The InDesign Field Guide. Kelsey also shares her unique way that she added layers of practical, actionable learning to make her students' experience that much more special. 


Meet Kelsey

Kelsey Baldwin started Paper + Oats as an Etsy shop and a freelance design studio in 2013. It has since grown into a brand + blog that teaches creatives how to organize, design, and market their digital products, so they can share what they know + look good doing it. She is a single mom to a crazy 3-year-old and a big fluffy dog, and is also an advocate for women learning to sustain themselves and gain independence through online business.

Website: https://www.paperandoats.com/
Instagram: Paper and Oats

Show Resources

The InDesign Field Guide

Learn more about Kelsey's amazing course and get started with some free training at: https://www.theindesignfieldguide.com/   

How to Pair Typefaces like a Pro

Learn more about Kelsey's great tips on how to pair fonts like a pro on her blog

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