It’s undeniable.

You have the passion, the knowledge AND the experience to create a signature online course. But how do you transform all of that information into a course that your learners will love? That’s where I come in.

hi, i'm emily!

I'm a Learning Designer, workshop facilitator, educator and animal-lover based in beautiful, Victoria, B.C. (That's in Canada!)

Along with a master’s degree, I have years of experience designing programs for corporations and academic institutions. 

I love working with heart-centred entrepreneurs who truly care about the content they’re putting out into the world.

That’s why I’ve created a signature approach to course design. Because as a course creator, you have the ability to transform someone’s life. So why don’t we start with transforming your course?


A little bit about me:

- I have two very spoiled cats named Minou and Toulouse that make guest appearances in client calls.

- I have a talent for organizing and colour-coding, although my desk is always messy.

- I've been passionate about education for as long as I can remember. Before I started in Learning Design, I taught French for beginners.

- I lived in the south of France for a year, which is probably why I have a weakness for a flakey baguette and a gooey cheese.

I believe in:


Genuine Connection

Heart-Centred Teaching

Life-Long Learning

I design with intention

My signature approach to learning design keeps your student at the heart of the experience so that they feel supported throughout their learning journey.  I ensure that everything that is included as part of your online course engages your students, helps keep them motivated and sets them up for success.

Let's give your learners the best experience possible

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